Munda community is a small part of all Indigenous groups. The Munda community has their own mother language named SADRI. All the Munda people communicate among them by this SADRI language. The little children could not speak Bengali language fluently. As a result SAMS has started Community Tutition Support Program (CTSP) with the help of Fr. Luigi Paggi S.X. from 2003.

Under the Shyamnagar Upazilla there are 25 Mundapara and we have 13 Community Tuition Support Program (CTSP). Primary level students are come to school twice a day and they also go to Govt. Primary School. The little children or Munda students could not understand Bengali language so they prepare their lesson under this CTSP School by their own language. Our community teachers are also Munda because, they adjustment with Bengali language and SADRI language.

Under this project SAMS provided pen, papers, grammars, tuition fees, exam fees etc only for the Primary and Scondary Munda students.

In 15 villages have 15 community schools for the munda children. In these schools the munda children learn their lesson in mother language. Most of the community schools have a community tutor who is Munda. The community children come in this school in two shifts. Under this program we are providing support for books, papers, tuition fees, pen, school dress with shoes, and water filters. Fr.Luigi Paggi donates us for the activities

Pure drinking water is the great problem in this area. All kinds of people faces this problem in February, March and April months. Local people depend on ponds and these months the ponds are not available for drinking water. Specially the Munda people take this problem seriously. Because, the Mundaparas are situated far away from the ponds. Most of the Munda people walk through thin road (Gherer Rasta).

SAMS trying to setup Rain Water Harvesting System (RWHS) and Pond Sand Filter (PSF) among different Mundaparas under Shyamnagar and Tala Upazilla. SAMS has completed 13 RWHS and 5 PSF among different Munda villages. In the rainy season the Munda women need not to go too far away to collect drinking water. But we need more RWHS and PSF for our community people to fulfill our demand. The activities is going on by the help of IDEA ONLUS, Italy.

Under this project SAMS also setup Sanitary Latrines among Munda families. SAMS has completed 170 sanitary latrines among Munda families and its activities are going on.

Coming Soon...

Electricity is very difficult to reach in the Munda villages. SAMS is trying to solve this problem by setup Solar Energy Panel (SEP). SAMS has provided 20 watt per Munda family. But we have to wait for donor support. Only 90 families have gotten the solar in 353 families. One after we try to complete the next families. The main target of this project is ‘All munda families stay in light and ignore the darkness’.

    A. Development plan for the community
  1. The Munda communities in Bangladesh are mostly resident in the South-West of the Country, in Khulna District and Satkhira District, at the limits of the Sunderban costal forest. They are considered tribal people; most of them are considered of Hindu religion, however they maintain a specific ancient and rich cultural heritage, with their own language and traditions.

    Munda people originate probably from the Indian States of Jarkand and West Bengal, India. They owned a special skill in forest clearing and earth movement works, such as pond digging and embankment construction, together with the capacity to live in extreme environmental conditions. For these reasons, during the British period, the landlords of the south-western regions brought them to today’s Bangladesh to cut the Sundarbans to obtain agricultural land, to dig ponds to collect rainwater and make embankment to hamper the saline water from entering into the cultivable lands. They received the property of some land in the areas were they lived and worked, with the condition that people not belonging to the Munda communities were not allowed to buy Munda land. This law, aimed to protect their properties, was not observed and, with the time, almost all the Munda communities were deprived of their lands and become landless.

    Last year in 2009 cyclone Aila affected this area and destroyed huge amount of live stocks, houses, human lives etc. After Aila saline water are available every where. As a result agriculture activities are not seen in this area. We want to start paddy cultivation, live stocks will be available in the specific five green villages. The Munda people can not cultivate agricultural product in their yard or their small field. They can not get pure drinking water.

    After cyclone Aila SAMS has done something for the Aila affected Munda people. SAMS has bought some lands and built their houses. We settled 100 families in our new five villages from Koyra (Khulna) and Gabura (Shyamnagor). We think if we support them, then they cultivate various vegetables, trees and they prepared a nursery in their small field.

  2. B. Empowering the Munda girls by Computer Training.
  3. According to the gender development activity SAMS try to develop the Munda girl. The girl take computer training from SAMS training centre supported by the Relief International.

SAMS has a active adolescent team who are working in 16 villages. Every village has a team and a committee. It is consist of 12 to 18 years girls and boys (student and school drop out) with 5 executive members committee. This executive committee of 16 villages makes a forum with 17 members. They try to change the uncultured, unlettered, backed dated mentality of the Munda village.

A. Running Projects
  • # Project Name Duration Budget WorkingArea Donor Organization Comments
    1 Community School Program 1 year(Jan-Dec, 2016) 561,000.00 Shyamnagar, Tala and Koyra IDEA -Onlus. Italy Continue
    2 Community Development Project 1 year(Jan-Dec, 2016) 880,000.00 Shyamnagar IDEA ONLUS,Italy Continue
    3 Aware Conception for Munda Community 12 months (Jan-December-2016) 280,000.00 Shyamnagar PRICE IS RICE Continue
  • B. Completed Projects
  • # Project Name Duration Budget WorkingArea Donor Organization Comments
    1 Community Tuition Support Program 1 year(Jan-Dec, 2015) 250,192.00 Shyamnagar, Tala Rishilpi Development Project Onlus Italy Completed
    2 Enhanced Coping Capacity of Disadvantaged Community(ECCDC) 32 Months(May, 2012- December-2014) 31,93,067.00 Shyamnagar European Union Completed
    3 Community Development Project 1 Year(2011) 9,67,000.00 Shyamnagar IDEA ONLUS Completed
    4 Green Village 1 Year(2011) 13,00,000.00 Shyamnagar,Tala CARITAS, Italy Completed
    5 Empowering the Munda Girls by Computer Traininge 3 Moths(Jan-Mar, 2013) 30,000.00 Shyamnagar Relief International, UK Completed
    6 Community School Construction 4 Moths(Jan-Apr, 2013) 3,52,270.00 Shyamnagar Rishilpi, Tala Completed