Legal Status

# Authority Reg.No. Date
1 Social Welfare Department Satkhira-975/2008 30.09.2008
2 NGO Affairs Bureau 2646 16. 06. 2011
3 TIN Number 848339495323
4 VAT(Area Code-150301) 15071053457
5 PADOR , EuropeAid BD-2015-DWZ-2305919694. 23.02.2016

In Bangladesh there are 45 Indigenous groups in different places. And this to such an extent that today’s tribal people (adibashi) are confined to a sort of handicapped existence where induced superstition and social discrimination have undermined their own strength, cultural values and traditions. At the margins of main stream society, the adibashi of Bangladesh often live at sub-human level. The Munda are one of the 45 tribal groups referred to above. Known by different names, they are often referred to, derogatively, as untouchable, Kuli, Sordar and Buno. Scheduled caste, forest people, etc. Illiteracy, dire poverty, malnutrition etc. are some of the problems they suffer from. These have on the other hand given rise to another series of social problems like alcoholism and early marriage etc. SAMS was created in 2003 with the precise intent to do something for the Munda and bring them into mainstream development. Made up by young Munda people, SAMS dreams of an equal and just society where the Munda people may occupy an honoured place recognised in their cultural diversity, worthy and active citizens of Bangladesh. SAMS believes that freedom from exploitation at all levels may come about only if the Munda themselves get organised in a spirit of solidarity. SAMS may thus be the beginning of the Munda’s re-birth to a full human life.

Sundarbon Adibasi Munda Sangastha (SAMS) is non-government organization. It is situated in Shyamnagor Upzilla under Satkhira Districts. It is an organization of social development and welfare of indigenous peoples in this area. The head office of Sundarbon Adibasi Munda Sangastha (SAMS) is located at Village: Munshigonj, Post Office: Uttar Kadamtala, under Shyamnagor Upzilla. Sundarbon Adibasi Munda Sangastha (SAMS) has implementing health care, cultural development of Munda people and reproductive programs at the operational areas of the organization. It has also implemented some awareness activities such as- Early marriage, pure drinking water, education support, technical training etc

SAMS implemented his activity in Shyamnagor and Tala Upzilla under Satkhira district. The organization SAMS has 24 employees under it working area. SAMS supports 21 villages and 473 families get facilities. In shyamnagar upzilla there were 15 villages (Gabura, Parsemari, Dumuria, Datinakhali, Burigoalini, Munshigong, Shrifalkati, Khagraghat, Kashipur, Dhumghat, Taranipur, Vetkhali, Kalinchi, Keoratoli, Koikhali) and 353 families and in Tala upzilla there were 6 indigenous villages (Bakkhali, Asan Nagar, Horinkhola, Arodangi, Krishnanagar, Gasa Durgapur) and 120 families are also included with SAMS.

The main objective of the organization is to develop the Indigenous society and implementing their rights. To achieve their human rights, land rights, and develop their language and cultures etc. The main goal of Sundarbon Adibasi Munda Sangastha (SAMS) will operate socio-economic development of indigenous people in the costal area of Shyamnagor and Tala Upzilla under Satkhira District.

To free the human dignity of all Adibashi people, to awaken them to a world of justice and peace and dignity.

To rebuild the spiritual world of cultural and religious values of the Munda in order to do away with unsociability, caste discrimination, and poverty.

To work against poverty; To create job opportunities; To organise cooperative credit unions; To salvage Munda culture and language through the creation of cultural groups; To fight illiteracy, early marriage and raise the literacy rate of the Munda; To give awareness on Munda social problems (alcoholism, early marriages, discrimination against women etc.). To give a sense of our own value and dignity against and beyond caste discrimination etc.

SAMS strongly believes in a participatory approach. The targeted people of SAMS concern are also the main actors of their own development. SAMS’ role is only that of being a help to the development which must come from the people themselves. SAMS may gather resources, point them out, give awareness etc. but the actual development work must be directed and carried out by the people themselves. Only in this way development may be sustainable.

A general committee of 25 members is the supreme authority of organization. General council, bi-annually for policy formulation & execution of its programs, elects an executive committee of seven members chaired by president. Polices formulated by executive committees are implemented by its volunteers & Executive committee member headed by the secretary general. President and secretary general of the organization are accountable for program implementation, monitoring, evaluation & finance to the executive committee.

# Name Father's Name Spouse's Name Designation Profession
1 Gopal Chandra Munda Late.Baidda Nath Munda Dipali Munda Chairman Service
2 Ramprosad Munda Uday Munda Anjona Munda Vice-Chairman Social worker
3 Krishnapada Munda Akhil Chandra Munda Nill General Secretary Social worker
4 Dhirendra Nath Munda Nagendra Nath Munda Anjona Munda Assistant Secretary Social worker
5 Monotosh Munda Panchanon Munda promila Munda Treasurer promila Munda
6 Nilima Munda Nirapada Munda Ruhidas Munda Member Social worker
7 Konika Munda Ramjibon Munda Asudeb Munda Member Social worker

SAMS is lead by a super team of young and motivated, full-time staff and a number of volunteers to run it's activities

# Catagory of Staffs Number
1 Full-Time 10
2 Part-Time 16
3 Volunteer 75
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